14 Reasons Why SEO is Still the Best Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

By July 25, 2017Local SEO

Have You Heard the News?

They’re shouting it from the mountain tops! Yes, you heard them correctly. SEO is dead. It’s gone, it’s never coming back, and you’re a fool if you think you can get top search engine rankings on Google. The game is rigged and small business owners like you and me don’t have a prayer in the world to rank for our best keyword phrases.

Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever felt that Google held the secrets of your success in the palm of their hand? Have you ever believed you’d never amount to anything because the search engine optimization gods don’t have your back?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop feeling like Google is a tough nut that’ll never crack. It’s more than possible to get high rankings in the search engines now, although it’s definitely harder than it used to be. Nobody is in denial of this fact. You just have to work harder to attain and maintain high rankings in the search engines, particularly Google.

So stop listening to the news. Stop listening to the SEO naysayers telling you this strategy no longer works. They may have been busted by Google for black hat SEO tactics, but you’re smarter than them. You think long-term. You aren’t trying to game the system like these other idiots.

If you’re still afraid of SEO and believe it’s not worth your time and attention, please take some time to read 14 reasons why search engine optimization is the best way to get new leads for your business.

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