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Many attorneys don’t know exactly how a search engine optimization company works, or it’s value in terms of ROI. If they did, they would have implemented SEO into their advertising budget long ago. This is because if you’re not using SEO, then you’re losing money.

worlds best attorney seo servicesWith the many cases attorneys have going on, they don’t have time to learn a whole new concept that could take years to fully understand. So here’s a short summary of SEO and how it can benefit your law firm.

There are hundreds of people searching every month for your exact services through search engines like Google. Google brings back the search results for the phrase or “keyword” being searched based on the authority and relevance of that website.

This is done a number of ways and if done correctly, can place you at the top of the search results for the keyword that’s targeted to your audience.

For example:

Let’s say a DUI attorney in Boston decides to hire an SEO firm to help increase organic traffic to his website. If there were 500 searches for the keyword “dui attorney boston”, and his website was ranked #1, he would probably receive about 40% of that traffic, or 200 visitors.

We can be modest and say if only 4% of those 200 visitors became clients, that would be 8 clients. If the attorney charged $4000 per case, that would be an additional $32000 additional monthly income!

So you can imagine when your website is ranking at the top for keywords that are targeted to your services. Then when you are ranking for multiple keywords such as; divorce attorney dallas, divorce attorney dallas tx, dallas divorce attorney, you can really bring in the leads.

Well, I hope you can see the added value that SEO brings to the table as a method of advertising.

Remember. we are ranking for the keyword “best seo agency for attorneys“, so it must be true right?

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