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Get your website to the top of Google and in front of the ideal audience with the latest SEO methods.

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Ranking high in the search engines will assure you that you’ll have visitors coming to your website every month.

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SEO is more effective than traditional advertising methods and offers a higher ROI for your advertising dollars.

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Our Proven SEO Methods Will Help You Dominate the Search Results.


We’ll do a thorough analysis of your website to check for any penalties that may affect your search engine rankings.


Conducting proper keyword research is essential to targeting your audience and analyzing the competition.


Optimizing both on and off page allows the search engines to know that your site is relevant to what’s being searched.


We make your sure your website is trusted across the internet and ready to dominate by building the right links.

We’re Not Like Other Search Engine Optimization Companies.

     “Unlike most SEO agencies, we don’t spend our time designing websites and managing social media accounts.  Our time is focused on SEO and we’re committed to getting you results. We actually love what we do and we’re in the trenches everyday with the best SEOs in the world. This keeps us ahead of the curve and at the forefront of the latest SEO methods so we know what’s working.”

Why Choose Us?

  • SEO that’s done in-house – There’s no outsourcing to third parties. We take our time to do things right for our clients and wouldn’t risk your business by leaving it in somebody else’s hands.
  • SEO Knowledge – We belong to SEO communities and groups that are far ahead of the industry standard knowledge.
  • SEO Experience – Theory is one thing, but our team has been doing SEO for years and we actually have websites that we test so we know as soon there’s an algorithm update.
  • No Contracts – Why get stuck in a contract if you’re not happy with the service? Pay month to month until you no longer want to continue.
  • Mobile Optimization–  New algorithms are devaluing websites that aren’t mobile friendly. We can convert your website to ensure it doesn’t get penalized.
  • Authority Branding – We’ll create social profiles for you among the top websites on the internet that you can use to leverage social media and networks to build your audience.

How is Search Engine Optimization Going to Help Your Business?

Hi, my name is Steve Ross. I’m the founder of Grow SEO and I want to thank you for stopping by!

I’m glad you found me. If you’re on this website it’s more than likely that you’re searching for information about search engine optimization companies and how they can benefit your business.

Did you know that today:

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine
  • 75% of people never go to the second page of the search results
  • 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices

That’s why nowadays, your website needs to be visible in the search engines, on the first page, and mobile friendly.

Using powerful SEO techniques, you can get higher quality visitors than the $40 billion that advertisers paid to Google last year, at a fraction of the cost.

If you have a service or business, and you need more visitors to your website, Grow SEO can help. Search engine optimization allows you to position your website in front of the ideal audience already searching for your product or service.

What is a Search Engine?

Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are all examples of search engines. Search engines bring back search results based on the query, or “keyword” being searched. This could be anything from finding a local plumber, chiropractor, or searching for a real estate professional to help you buy a home. The “keyword” as it is referred to in SEO, is the phrase being put into the Google search box. Google will then display a list of results in order of relevance to your keyword.

I refer to Google because they are responsible for approximately 70% of all search engine traffic and that’s primarily where you will acquire new leads, and clients or customers.

 What are the Benefits of SEO?

With everyone relying on search engines to find what they’re looking for, it’s essential to have a sound SEO strategy in place to make sure your website is visible. Optimizing your website for targeted keywords ensures you maximum exposure to the right crowd. Once your site is at the top of the search results page, maintaining your position is all that’s required to continuously get new visitors.

Here’s just a few of the benefits that your business would experience as a result of effective SEO

Actually Get Ranked in the Search Results

When a search results page is displayed, it’s a common known fact that the websites on the first page will receive the majority of all traffic. Often times, a web user doesn’t even click to the second page. This is why it’s crucial that your website make it to the front.

There are certain key factors that determine where a website will rank when a keyword is searched. Some of these include keyword research, website content, link building, URL structure, and optimization, to name a few. SEO is always changing to stay current with the latest Google algorithms, so if you’re not using Grow SEO, be sure that whoever is responsible for the SEO of your website is up to date with the latest methods.

Staying Power

The best SEO companies can boost your site’s ranking ahead of others faster, and once there, allow it to “stick” and hold your rank. This way you can be confident that you will be attracting new customers or clients every month.

Build Your Brand

Getting to the top of the search results allows your company and brand to build an online presence with those who had no idea it even existed. Implementing social network strategies can further increase brand awareness. 

Less expensive and Higher Conversions

When using PPC advertising, you are subject to hefty price per click costs. Sometimes you don’t even know if the click was intentional and you’re still required to pay for it, regardless of conversion. This can get costly in no time. If you were paying $30 per click for a specific keyword and received 200 clicks, you would have to pay $6000. And since you need to continue to attract leads or clicks, you’ll have to keep paying for as long as you want new visitors.

With SEO however, a flat monthly investment can ensure you receive new visitors every month in the future without having to worry about ad copy and split testing. With the right keyword research, those visitors will convert at a better rate as well…and there is no cost per click.

This can dramatically increase your return on investment for your advertising dollars.

We’re not like other search engine optimization companies…We won’t say we can help you if we can’t. 

We’re in the business of growing your business and together we can accomplish that.

If you’re still considering SEO to increase visitors, leads, and exposure to your website, give us a shot.

It might just be what you’ve been missing.

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